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14 Foods Banned Around the World

14 Foods Banned Around the World

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You may be shocked to find out your favorite food is banned elsewhere in the world

Some of these banned foods caught us by surprise.

When you’re traveling the world, you want to try new things — even the questionable street food you’d never dream of ordering back home — but what happens when that becomes reversed? When your favorite dish or food item is banned in the country you’re traveling to?

Slideshow: 14 Foods Banned Around the World

Well, chances are that won’t be the case in most places, but many countries do have bans on specific food items for reasons that may surprise you. For instance, foie gras is banned in many countries around the world (and parts of the U.S.) because of the inhumane practice of over-fattening a duck’s or goose’s liver by force-feeding the bird. Another food that’s banned in various countries is farm-raised salmon. Although in theory this method seems sustainable and ideal, countries like Australia have banned the product because of the chemicals and antibiotics the fish are fed to keep the same color that wild salmon have.


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