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Shrimp served with black polenta and dressing duo (garlic and berries)

Shrimp served with black polenta and dressing duo (garlic and berries)

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We start preparing the berry dressing, the fruits have thawed, in a pan we add butter and sugar and let it melt and then we add the fruit, we put the red wine, we let the alcohol evaporate and then we take it off the fire and blend, then pass through a sieve, stop a few currant beans for design.

We will clean the shrimp from the shell, then in a hot pan (butter and oil) we will add them to fry, after they have taken on color on both sides, we will cut the garlic cloves into small pieces and we will also add them. white wine, salt, pepper and let the flavors combine and decrease.

Remove the shrimp from the pan and blend what is left in the pan and then strain it through a sieve.

We will make a little polenta, water to boil with salt when it boils add the cornstarch, mix and add the two packets of cuttlefish ink, so the polenta will have a black color. When it is a bag, take it off the heat and let it cool, then cut it into the shape you want (I cut it into a triangle). I decorated it with basil leaves but it can be decorated with any other leaf you have.

I was inspired by Nico Lontras' recipes.

Good appetite.

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