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Goulash thermomix

Goulash thermomix

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A Hungarian dish known all over the world is that of goulash. Goulash, unlike its name, is an extremely easy dish to make and with the Thermomix it will be even more so.


How to make goulash

Put the oil and onion in the jug: 3 min at 100 ° speed 4
Insert the butterfly and add the meat cut into chunks: 10 min at 100 ° speed 1
After 5 minutes, add the wine and broth from the hole in the lid
Add celery, carrot and potato all cut into cubes, the tomato puree and paprika and cook for 30 min at 100 ° speed 1

Video: How to Make Goulash - American Goulash Recipe (July 2022).


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