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Purple potato gnocchi

Purple potato gnocchi

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Purple potato dumplings recipe of 07-02-2016 [Updated on 06-03-2017]

Preparing the gnocchi with purple potatoes was a whim that I wanted to pass. After seeing these very special potatoes in the supermarket, I couldn't resist and they ended up in my cart right away. The purple potatoes, called vitelotte, have both the skin and the pulp of a purplish color, are originally from Peru and are slightly different from the classic potatoes; they are rich in particular natural coloring substances, called anthocyanins, which have a beneficial effect on our body, have a taste reminiscent of chestnuts and are very floury. These potatoes are cooked like the classic ones, then fried, baked or in the form of gnocchi as in this case. I will tell you, the purple potato gnocchi they are a truly exceptional dish to amaze guests, especially if you choose a condiment in a chromatic contrast like I did;) So if you want to prepare something different from the usual gnocchi and you can find these potatoes with such a misyan color, this is the recipe that I ran. I wish you a good Sunday and we will read tomorrow with a new recipe.


How to make purple potato gnocchi

Wash the potatoes under running water, then put them in a saucepan with the water and cook them over medium heat for 30 minutes from the start of boiling.

Let it cool then peel the potatoes, mash them in the potato masher and collect the puree in a bowl.

Add flour, salt and nutmeg

Knead until you get a homogeneous dough, adding more flour if needed.

With the mixture obtained, on a floured pastry board, form cylinders about 1.5 cm wide

Then cut into pieces of about 2 cm.

Hollow out the gnocchi with your finger, placing them gradually on a floured surface

Then cook the purple potato gnocchi in a pot with boiling salted water, they will be cooked as soon as they rise to the surface.

I have dressed them with butter, sage and parmesan

And here's my plate of purple potato gnocchi

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