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Pasta with cheese in the oven

Pasta with cheese in the oven

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Preheat the oven to 170 °.

For the beginning, boil the pasta in salted water and a tablespoon of oil.

When they are cooked, strain them.

Put three tablespoons of sour cream aside.

Meanwhile, prepare the cream cheese:

I ground the telemeau with a fork, added Philadelphia cheese, 2 eggs, sour cream, pepper and mixed the composition until it got a creamy consistency.

I put the pasta in a heat-resistant dish, mixed with cream cheese.

Then I prepared from an egg, parmesan and sour cream set aside, a cream to garnish on top, it forms a beautiful and delicious crust.

Leave in the oven at medium temperature until golden.

It is served hot, I also like it cold.


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